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Every couple of weeks we’ll bring you a blog post containing inspirational pieces of work all relating to a particular area of design.
First up is digital publishing. It’s a relatively new area of design, but there are already some brilliant examples of publishers taking full advantage of the digital opportunities available to them.

Here’s 4 great examples.


1. Katachi Magazine.

The below is a 2min 40 sec video. We’d highly recommend you watch every second of it. It’s chock-full of brilliant interactive features, beginning with a superb interactive front cover.


2. Scratch off feature.

Great example of an interactive ad which engages the user. Skip to 1 min to view it.


3. Tilt feature.

When you tilt/move the ipad the content within the ipad changes accordingly. Here is a simple example (17 secs in), but the possibilities this feature could bring are very exciting, think of landscapes/views.


4. Scrollable animated page.

These features allow you to take advantage of the endless page on a tablet device. Here is a great web example, which can be viewed on a tablet for the real experience. Simplicity is key for these pieces.


At the moment it seems to be the independent fashion magazines who are really pushing the boundaries with digital publishing. Take a quick look at the below trailor, mesmerising. On the iPad the user is able to manipulate and change the visuals, using interactive features.

Of course, for the more creative features, such as the ones shown, developers are required – HTML5, Xcode etc. These pages can then be placed into Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, arguably the leading digital publishing platform.
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